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The Real Papa Claus Is On The “Nice List”

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“Mr. Merkley! We absolutely enjoyed your presence here at Hammock Beach Resort! You were such a joy to be around with cheerful spirits, even in the midst of everything you were going through personally. I appreciate your generosity, your smile and your warm presence. We look forward to working with you in the future! I hope you enjoy your year!”

Brook Lowe: Hammock Beach Golf & Spa Resort - Palm Coast
January 5th, 2024


“Santa came to visit our grandchildren Christmas Eve 2023. I can not say enough about how great he was. The kids went crazy!! He sat and read a story to them, gave them a certifacte for being on the nice list, asked trivia questions and handed out a gift to each of them. We supplied the gifts and the book. If you are looking for a Santa I would, highly recommend Papa Clause ( Joe ). Thank you so much for making such great memories with our family. Hope to see you again in 2024.”

Kathleen A - Palm Coast
January 18th, 2024


“Santa came to visit my grandkids on short notice and he was awesome! The kids were so excited and surprised. This was a wonderful time and special to have him read and talk to the kids. We would highly recommend Santa make a visit to your home if he is available.!”

Sherri E - St. Augustine
January 5th, 2024


“The Real Papa Claus brought the most magical experience to our family this Christmas by visiting our home. It was an incredible evening of joy!”

Elizabeth S - St. Augustine Beach
December 17th, 2023
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“The Real Papa Clause is Awesome!!!!
Papa Clause was so great with the kids for my daughter’s birthday party. He showed up and was ready for anything. He saved the day for us, and we plan to book him again. “

Mark T - St. Johns
December 16th, 2023


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Santa visits daycare center! “We were extremely pleased with the Santa experience and highly recommended! Was not just a phot op, but a true experience! ALL the children took to him like he was a best friend, not just Santa! That’s a lot coming from infants through vpk kids!”

Angela Decarlo - Bunnell
December 14th, 2023


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Hatcher's Stocking - Jacksonville
December 13th, 2023
Santa Thank you note
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“The Real Papa Claus was incredible for our Christmas brunch in our home. The children loved him and he went above and beyond, even playing in a ‘snowball’ fight with the kids outside. Communication was excellent up to the event. We would definitely book him again! “.

Kelsey Mileski - Ponte Vedra Beach
December 9th, 2023
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JT's Seafood Shack Logo

“At the end of November and the first of December this year JT’s Seafood Shack in the Hammock was treated to two special visits from the Real Papa Claus. Fortunately, Mr. Claus planned ahead (not his first rodeo) and notified the children well in advance with a series of snappy looking flyers and Facebook postings. We had trouble keeping up with the questions, assuring the kids that yes this was “the Real Papa Claus” not some two-bit imitation. All the questioning ended on arrival however as he came fully uniformed to deliver Christmas Magic and with Mrs. Claus in as a special bonus!

JT’s lacks traditional reindeer parking or a chimney, but the ever resourceful Clauses adapted well and soon set up shop entertaining children and adults alike. Many Christmas wishes were whispered those nights, not entirely by the kids alone. Before returning to the pole to check on present stocking for the big day, Santa posed graciously for photos with all, including the JT’s staff.

JTs continues to get excellent feedback from both parents and kids who were there. We had such a great time we talked the Real Papa Claus into penciling us in again for next year. The whole experience was easy and fun for all and, for a legendary figure, Santa was amazingly professional and easy to deal with. I recommend him to all children, adults, and business who serve them.”

JT's Seafood Shack: Wes Norwood - Owner - Palm Coast
November 29, 2023 & December 6th, 2023

“Hands-down, the best Santa Claus I’ve ever seen treated kids with upmost love and jolly good spirits so glad we went by tonight and saw him thank you #jtsseafoodshack for the good times he was the official Santa”.

JT'S Seafood Shack
JT'S Seafood Shack
Jeff Young - Patron


The Little Social Logo

“The Real Papa Clause made The Little Social’s Grand Opening spectacular. His grand entrance was perfect and melted every heart in the room. The kids absolutely loved him and felt comfortable sharing their Christmas wishes while sitting around our Antique Fire Truck. The Real Papa Clause is simply the best and we are so grateful to have him a part of our Grand Opening”.

The Little Social: Marisa & Danielle - St. Augustine
The Little Social: Marisa & Danielle - St. Augustine
November 18th, 2023


Real Beard Santa Reviews - Metro Diner logo

“The Real Papa Claus has been such a wonderful addition to our Christmas event. He is an authentic Real Beard Santa, so seeing the children react to him is so touching, even though he is great with guests of all ages! Not only will we be using him again this year, but we are also going to have him at more locations!”

Metro Diner - Northeast, FL
Metro Diner - Northeast, FL
Jen Cochran


Real Beard Santa Reviews - Tomoka Outpost logo

Our little Camp Store (Tomoka Outpost in Ormond Beach, FL) is something I’ve dreamed about since I was a little kid. The opportunity to create something as near to perfect and magical for the community in a unique and special way is something I could only dream of for most of my life. We try not to do anything unless we can make it uniquely perfect.

The first time Real Beard Santa walked into our shop and purchased something from my wife, she knew it was him. No fancy red coat, no reindeer out in the parking lot. No signs saying, “Hey, I’m Real Beard Santa,” but Ashley knew it was him. She walked back to me and said, “I think Real Beard Santa is really here! Should I ask him if he works as Real Beard Santa for businesses during the holidays?” As usual, I asked a few security-type questions because of the idea that Real Beard Santa interacts with kids, and we want safety and perfection, especially with the special magic that Christmas brings. We need the best.

I walked around from my office, saw the gentleman Ashley was referring to, and we both smiled at each other with goosebumps up our arms. “Yes! Yes! Go ask him if he does or would be interested in being Real Beard Santa here. He’s really him!”

I’m extremely particular about how every little item on our shelves sits, how we promote our business, and our consistency. Real Beard Santa is one of one, and when you meet him, you will know. There’s no other as real as “The Real Beard Santa.”

The kids will know, and the parents will know. What nobody will be able to figure out is how is this possible. We’re so grateful that the real Real Beard Santa came into our lives as not only an incredible representation of our efforts to the community but the friendship we’ve created. Even outside of work, we know Real Beard Santa.

Every hug we give him is full of goosebumps because if you believe, you know…if you didn’t believe, you will now. Adults will be in awe, and you will be glad you invested in the one and only. The one who makes an old man question the reality they’ve grown up to believe.”

Capt. Scott Cornelius: Tomoka Outpost - Ormond Beach
Capt. Scott Cornelius: Tomoka Outpost - Ormond Beach
December 3rd, 2023

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